Plymouth University To Spend £150,000 On Seven Chairs

Plymouth University is reportedly set to spend £150,000 on seven custom-made chairs, the latest in a series of scandals at the university.

The plush ceremonial chairs, commissioned by the university for its graduation ceremonies, are set to be designed by celebrated furniture designer John Makepeace, awarded an OBE in 1988 for services to furniture design.

A senior staff member told the Plymouth Herald the £150,000 chairs were “a very bespoke, specialist design based on a number of meetings” and is likely to be made of “leather, wood, and aluminium”. Continue reading


Meet The Young British Muslims Rejecting ISIS With Their #NotInMyName Campaign

A group of young British Muslims has launched a campaign to reject ISIS, whose violent acts in recent weeks have drawn international condemnation.

Led by East London-based charity Active Change Foundation, #notinmyname gives a voice to young muslims in the UK who have come together against the hate and violence espoused by the terror group.

The campaign’s website states that “ISIS is hiding behind a false Islam”, with the members insisting ISIS’ beliefs are “nothing to do with what we stand for”. Continue reading

14 Ways To Know You’re A Cambridge Student

The University of Cambridge is supposed to be one of the most prestigious Universities in the world. After all, the most recent rankings put it in second place worldwide.

Even if you have passed the notoriously tough criteria and got in, then you may think the offer letter and the A-level grades make you a Cambridge student – but you’d be wrong.

There’s only one way to know for sure whether you are a real Cambridge student: read our list and see if you’re up to the challenge of the Bridge; the Bubble; the Camalam; the Big C (we could go on).

  1. The idea of walking more than 10 minutes to get anywhere horrifies you. Continue reading

ChatPolitics Column: The Scottish Play

With 8 months to go, the events of the previous and upcoming weeks may be taken as something of a mid-season finale. The series has been going on for a while with many of the same storylines (Lab-Tory data-tennis) and characters (Boris v Ed in BBC Sandwich Eat-Off) meaning that viewing figures are declining, rapidly. What do you do? Throw in something huge; a bombshell, completely unexpected and utterly transformative, and your audience will come reeling back in for the rest of the series. You might even get your biggest audience yet.

Just over a year ago, in an interview with the New Statesman, Alex Salmond said “this is the phoney war. This is not the campaign. The real game hasn’t even started. We are just clearing the ground.” It seems he may be right. Continue reading