First local poll to name Farage predicts further Commons gains for UKIP

The results of the first constituency poll to name Nigel Farage as a candidate would see the UKIP leader enter the Commons with a large majority, if repeated in the General Election in May.

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The unfathomable happiness of a 2.ii.

We all know about our mental health problem. The first issue of this newspaper this term reported on the “unnecessary pressure” felt by a majority of students, in that the 2014 National Student Survey showed only 55% of Cambridge students find their workload is manageable. As Murray Edwards JCR’s Academic and Welfare Officer Charlotte Furniss-Roe commented, “trying to balance work,social life and sleep is difficult.”

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Election Briefing: Polls & Policy

With the widely reported milestone of ‘100 days until the election’ behind us, the election campaign proper has begun with all the fervour you’d expect.

Polls released this week by Lord Ashcroft, Tory peer and philanthropist, have shown that on a constituency level, the SNP surge is real, and it’s as big if not bigger than we thought. If repeated on polling day, Ashcroft’s results would see the SNP take as many as 56 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster seats, with Labour holding two, and the Liberal Democrats holding two.

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“Political earthquake” after new constituency polls

Constituency polling in Scotland has this week shown that the SNP can expect substantial gains from Labour and the Liberal Democrats in May’s General Election.

The polls show 15 of all 16 seats polled as being likely SNP gains, with only want seat polled, Glasgow North East, set to be held by its Labour incumbent, Willie Bain MP. Lord Ashcroft’s polls saw 16,007 Scots from key SNP target seats in Scotland were interviewed by telephone between 5 and 30 January with results weighted by vote at the last election and likelihood to turnout at the next.

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