Vapid lifestyle bloggers must be the first to go in the Communist Revolution

The day you stumble upon the intricate, twisted, labyrinthine world of lifestyle bloggers is a dark day indeed. There I was, minding my own business, sitting in my dressing gown with a cup of coffee in one hand and the latest copy of the nation’s bastion of middle-class cosiness The Guardian in the other, when suddenly someone sent me a link to a lifestyle blog entitled ‘See the Sparkle’.

The blogger behind it is, as her ‘About Me & Some FAQs’ page tells us, a girl called “India Alexandra Struthers. My father lived and worked out in India for 9 years and both my parents love India so when I came along (they thought I was going to be a boy) they felt India was perfect!”

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Printing in practice and the beauty of bias

One of the things we try to avoid in the high-octane, cut-throat world of student journalism is having a go at each other. We actually quite like each other. We even went for dinner once. I know. Radical.

Indeed, we read each other’s work – we’re all in the same game, heading for the same jobs, building the same networks, so it would make sense to keep an eye on each other, and The Tab’s Charlie Bell even sends us letters from time to time. Continue reading

Miliband vetoes formal coalition with SNP

After extensive Tory efforts to force the Labour leader on the issue, Ed Miliband has today ruled out a formal coalition with the SNP. 

Following concerns raised that a government could be formed with a party committed to the break-up of the United Kingdom, Miliband said: “Labour will not go into coalition government with the SNP. There will be no SNP ministers in any government I lead.”

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