Zoe Williams and the great Conservative stitch-up (Interview)

To the cynical, anti-establishment eye, Zoe Williams is the personification of the media elite. When we meet, she’s here for the annual Cambridge Literary Festival, an altogether lovely gathering of right- minded (read: left-minded) folk over the Easter break. She’s smart, quick- witted, and seems genuinely interested to talk to me, which is unusual.

As two private-school, Oxbridge- educated lefties sit on the steps of Trinity College’s fountain, it’s hard to avoid the question of elites. She doesn’t live in North London, land of Guardianistas and ‘liberal elites’, but admits “living in London at all now is like being part of that elite. Continue reading


Punting and voting: A manifesto

As a wise man once wrote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Dickens has never been more appropriate than in this, the unhallowed, unnervingly delightful world of exam term in Cambridge.

The sun is out, flowers – carefullytended to and looked after by droves of tireless college staff – are blooming all over the place, and Cambridge is at peak Cambridge. This is Daily Mail season, when impeccably dressed Cantabs line lazy punts with their obnoxious talk of country houses and summers in their Languedoc chateaux amidst a symphony of popping champagne corks. Cambridge in late spring is something of the upper-class Briton’s vision of heaven.

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