The media’s pornographic use of murder for hits is astoundingly pathetic

Yesterday, two journalists were shot dead in cold blood, live on American television. Later, the gunman posted a point-of-view video of the shooting, in which the gun can be seen in his hand as he kills Alison Parker and Adam Ward, both Virginia journalists in their twenties.

This, just the latest in a somehow bottomless pit of horrific, tragic shootings in the United States, had an added abhorrence. News outlets have repeatedly thrust such stories in our faces; from unarmed black men shot in the street by police officers, to classrooms full of infant-school children and church-fuls of people shot mercilessly by roving gunmen.

But something about this is different.

This tragedy seems almost perfectly calibrated to appeal to all the worst instincts of the 21st-century mainstream media.

And they fell for it.

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Labour’s love affair with Corbyn is simple — it is holding out for a hero who does not yet exist 

With ballots close to being sent out, and only weeks until the result is declared, Labour’s leadership contest is getting into the final, intense stages.

Those on the right of the party, lulled into a false and outdated sense of security by years of Blairism followed by the brief and perfunctory failure of ‘Milibandism’, are crying foul. Outraged at the prospect of a supposedly far-left leadership, rumours of splits and coming mutinies abound. Forget the SDP split of the 80s, as far as these types are concerned, a Corbyn victory would be ample motive for full-scale unabashed regicide.

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A Day in a Word: 24 Hours in London from Greenwich to Soho, Hoxton to Waterloo (and back)

As you may have read, this week I’ve been working on an exciting project with Unite Students. They assembled 12 students with interests in journalism, blogging, photography, and film to collaborate on a guide to London for students. The central part of the project was #uStudents24, a 24-hour marathon trip around London in three teams of four students, finding unknown gems, budget solutions, and the best locations.

I was in a team with Harley Wild, Connor McGovern, and Channon Gray. They’re all bloggers, and you can find out more about them here.

I’ll be posting more about the experience soon, but in the meantime – here’s a quick rundown of what we got up to through the day, told via everyone’s favourite social media channels.

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