‘The Union has matured’: A week in (student) politics via Julian Assange

“I would like to put this on record that I have not gone through puberty yet”. Somewhere in the distance I can just about make out the sounds of Azeem Ward’s flute recital downstairs in the Cambridge Union Society’s Chamber.

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Cambridge must club together to stop the lights going out

There are very few moments in Cambridge politics – whether it be student, council, or parliamentary politics – when the stars seem to align. Thankfully, the issue of the council’s decision to switch of streetlights in several key areas of Cambridge is one of these. It can often be difficult to consider the effects of plans announced months in advance, but it is crucial that the switch-off planned for April 2016 is thoroughly and forcefully opposed.

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8 ‘out of station interchanges’ TfL should top keeping secret

For those of us who spend large portions of our time staring at maps of London’s transport network, there are some eternal and unchanging frustrations: the fact that all the many lines of the London Overground service are the same colour; the impossibly large space between Park Royal and Alperton on the Piccadilly line; the failure of the Circle Line to actually be a circle.

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