Review: Welcome Break

There’s something really comforting about seeing two people who you know are highly likely to be funny get up on stage to be funny – it’s like moulding into your favourite armchair, and even before the show properly started the audience were primed to find everything and anything hilarious. It is obvious, then, that the reputations of Ben Pope and Alex McKeith precede them, and rightly so. Continue reading


Review: Gender The Elephant

Whatever else may be said about this production of Bethan Kitchen’s new play Gender the Elephant, the performance given by India Semper-Hughes must be lauded as unavoidably, undeniably, and utterly brilliant.

She manages to completely capture the audience, and cultivate the stage to her own devices for the full hour of the play’s duration – there is never a moment when you tire of seeing one actor on stage, or bore of her monologues, dialogues, addresses, dances, and myriad other interactions with the viewer. Continue reading