Londoner’s Diary: Stories

Since March 2016, I have done shift work as a freelancer for the London Evening Standard‘s Londoner’s Diary. Below is a selection of my work for the diary.

Friday 22 July 2016

The Londoner is cooing over the new pictures of Prince George released today for his third birthday. One caught our eye, of His Royal Highness in a blue-and-white striped jumper adorned with a small blue whale. An apt choice, considering the boy Prince will inherit all the sturgeons and whales within a three-mile radius of the shores of the British Isles. Did Will and Kate do it on porpoise?

Now for the greatest love-in of all | Friday 22 July 2016

To the Dominion Theatre last night for a performance of The Bodyguard — in the stage adaptation of the 1992 film, singer Beverley Knight takes up Whitney Houston’s baton as diva Rachel Marron. Actress Naomie Harris was in the audience. The soundtrack to the film is the biggest selling of all time, so it’s no wonder that co-star Kevin Costner, the bodyguard in question, recently said a sequel would be “really good.” Could Harris deliver in the Houston role? A few singing lessons can go a long way…

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